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Cancel a Verification


Cancels a Verification request, provided the request is not already in a terminal State.


URL Parameters#

idstringid of the verification request

Request Body#

cancellation_reasonCancellationReasonReason for why this verification should be canceled
cancellation_detailsstringFree form text on the details; can be blank


immediateCan be used to cancel a request directly after submitting, before Truework has started processing it
high-turnaround-timeThe request is taking longer than expected
competitorYou preferred a competitor for this request
wrong-infoThe request that is submitted contains information that is wrong
otherNo other reason in the list fits the cancellation reason


Status Codes#

200The verification request was successfully canceled
403The verification request cannot be canceled

Response Body#

Upon successful cancellation, a subset of the canceled Verification is returned.

idstringThe id of the verification request
createdstringCreation date of verification request in ISO 8601 format
stateStateState of the verification request; always canceled
pricePriceBilling information about how much the verification request will cost once completed
turnaround_timeTurnaroundTimeExpected turnaround time in hours for the verification request; will be an empty if an estimate does not exist for the verification request
cancellation_reasonstringThe reason for the cancellation of the request
cancellation_detailsstringThe details for the cancellation
loan_idstringThe loan_id associated with the verification request
date_of_completionstringThe date when this verification was completed in ISO 8601 format; always null



$ curl '' \
-X PUT \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer myTrueworkToken' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"cancellation_reason": "other",
"cancellation_details": "Details about why this request was canceled."


"state": "canceled",
"cancellation_reason": "other",
"cancellation_details": "Details about why this request was canceled.",
"created": "2008-09-15T15:53:00Z",
"price": {
"amount": "0.00",
"currency": "USD"
"turnaround_time": {},
"loan_id": null,
"date_of_completion": null