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Throughout these docs, properties marked as NULLABLE may be dropped from the response.

Rate Limits#

The Truework API safeguards itself from bursts of incoming traffic by employing API limits on each endpoint. Users who send many requests in quick succession may begin to see 429 error responses from the API. We recommend an retrying requests using exponential backoff once receiving a 429 response.

There are two types of limit:

  • IP Address: Limits that apply to the IP address that requests are coming from.
  • Account: Limits that apply to the overall account.
IP Address10 requests per second
Account10 requests per second

If these limits do not fit your use case, please contact us.

Status Codes#

The Truework API uses standard HTTP codes to specify whether the request succeeded or failed. Here is a summary of status codes that we return in our API:

2XXThe request was successful.
400The request provided missing or invalid data. An error response will be returned in JSON format containing an error field.
401The request's authorization is missing, invalid, or expired.
404The requested resource does not exist.
406An invalid API version was requested.
429The request was not serviced because a rate limit has been exceeded.
500The request could not be completed due to an internal server error. If this issue persists, please contact us at