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Quick guide to PPP loans

Unlike the disaster assistance loan, you cannot directly apply through SBA's website. You must apply through a lender that's eligible to originate SPA loans.

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The Importance of Security During Employment Verification

Security is an area that’s often overlooked during the verification process, and this could end up being a costly error for you and your team. Fortunately, it’s a problem with a clear solution.

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Employment verification form I-9 explained

There are several crucial steps to confirming that a new employee is eligible for work, but perhaps none more important than the Employment Verification Form I-9.

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What is Employment Verification?

Employment verification is the process of proving current or past employment, whether on the part of an employee or an employer.

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Understanding employment verification in California

Providing information about a former employee can be risky for a business. Potential consequences may range from lawsuits by angry ex-employees to penalties levied for unknowingly violating employment-related laws. Understanding employment verification laws in a specific state — in this case, California — can help you navigate these hazards with minimal risk.

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Employment verification services explained

Employers of all sizes are often called upon to verify the employment details of past or current team members. A number of situations call for employment verification. For example, a company might need to verify the work history of recruits, while a lender would want to confirm a potential customer’s income when deciding whether to extend a new loan or line of credit.

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How to do Employment verification on Workday?

Workday focuses on enterprise clients, helping large companies with payroll, finances, and people management, learn how to quickly automate employment verifications

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How to Employment verification on Zenefits?

Zenefits helps to streamline themselves on streamlining the employee onboarding process and saving clients time with the ability to template onboarding" summary: Several scenarios exist where companies will be asked or will initiate a request to verify an individual’s work history and other details associated with their current or past employment. This process, not surprisingly, is known as “Employment Verification

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HR: Safely handling data during record requests

Human resources (HR) representatives handle a large amount of sensitive information, from employees’ Social Security numbers to financial documents. summary: Human resources (HR) representatives handle a large amount of sensitive information, from employees’ Social Security numbers to financial documents.

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Employment verification laws in New York

Understanding which laws apply in a specific area — in this case, the state of New York — can help you navigate the entire process without accidentally breaking any rules.

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How to Return to Work During Covid-19: Keeping Your Employees Safe

Employers everywhere are eager to bring their employees back to work, and many employees are just as eager to return. But what does a safe return to work during COVID-19 look like? And is there such a thing as a safe workplace during COVID-19, or are we destined to be remote for the foreseeable future?

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How to answer 'probability of continued employment' and other employment verification questions

Answering right will help your valuable employee get the loan or mortgage they want, and help you avoid making any mistakes that might prevent this from happening.

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What is a Salary Key

There are numerous companies that require a salary key during the income verification process. This tool, originally created to help ensure privacy, is outdated and doesn’t always keep all your information secure.

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How to show loss of income during verification of employment

Verifying your income and employment can be of great importance. For those currently on or applying for food stamps or Medicaid, it can mean the difference between receiving or not receiving benefits.

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How to write an employment verification letter

Employers are frequently contacted by third parties seeking to verify a current or past employee’s relationship with the company. Occasionally, providing contact information for professional references will suffice, but in many cases, formal documentation of Employment Verification, or a “Proof of Employment” letter, is required. For a thorough overview of the employment verification process, including situations that typically call for confirmation, check out this additional post in our Knowledge Center.

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