Verify Any Employee Directly from Encompass®

Loan teams now have access to Truework’s verification platform without leaving Encompass.

Verify income and employment data for any U.S. employee on Truework.

Truework and Encompass Interface

Streamline your verification process

  • Truework processes Instant, Manual and Third Party verifications. Save time and cut hassle by using Truework for all your VOE/VOIs.

  • Integrating Truework with Encompass takes less than 15 minutes with the help of your Encompass admin and our dedicated support team.

  • Fannie Mae 1005-compliant reports are automatically synced to your Encompass Documents folder after every verification.

  • Access all the benefits of Truework Teams including volume-based pricing, request sharing and more.

One platform for any verification

  • Take advantage of the second-largest instant data network, with additional employment and income coverage for every U.S. employee.

  • Stop chasing down verifications across multiple providers. Truework can process any request when employee information is with another provider.

  • Save time on manual verifications. Truework completes manual verifications 48 hours faster on average.

Better billing and more transparency

  • Eliminate the need for receipt reimbursements with automated invoicing.

  • Stop using your credit card for every verification with monthly Teams billing.

  • Lower your operational costs with Truework through volume-based pricing.

Ready to use Truework on Encompass? Getting started is easy.

Set up your account on Truework

Create your account, confirm your email and you are ready to submit verifications with Truework.

Connect Truework and Encompass

Activate Truework from the Services tab of Encompass.

Create a Truework Team to streamline billing and consolidate all users under one company account.

Verify any employee Truework!

Submit verifications on Truework directly from Encompass.

1005-compliant reports will be added to the Encompass Loan Documents folder upon completion of each request.