Automate income verification for all your applicants

Accelerate approval times, mitigate fraud, and reduce manual work by using verified income directly from payroll providers.

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How it works

Flexible verifying options

Access multiple verification methods via one platform to maximize speed and coverage.


Allow applicants to share payroll data directly in your application.

Documents [Beta]

Automate income document parsing and fraud review.


Over 35 million employee records returned in seconds.

Smart Outreach

Save time on directly contacting employers with automated outreach.


Reduced friction

Give applicants multiple options to verify their income, regardless of income type or preference.

Cost effective

Use multiple verification methods, including applicant-credentialed data, to lower the cost of verifications.

Mitigate fraud

Access direct-to-source data or fall back to analyzing documents for potential fraud.

Accuracy & Security

A trusted source

Rely on Truework for both accuracy and security. Truework operates as a Credit Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We provide verifiers with the most accurate information while allowing consumers to easily request changes to their reports if discrepancies are detected.

Get started

Easily integrate verifications into your tenant screening process by reading the documentation or reaching out to our team.