Verify any employee, without the chase

Our Smart Outreach team processes manual verifications for hard-to-reach employers 48 hours faster on average, cutting out the hassle of chasing down verifications across different providers and employers.

Truework is the only one-stop verification platform

Our Smart Outreach product, along with Instant and Credentials, ensures we can verify any U.S. employee as fast as possible. Teams save time and money with Truework by streamlining employment and income verifications through one tool.

A tech-enabled backstop in the Truework waterfall

While we continue building toward our goal of 100% instant coverage, we know that completing each verification is crucial. Our Smart Outreach product combines automation and operational intelligence to ensure every verification, for any employee, is completed as fast as possible.

How it works

Step One

Automated Outreach

Over 20% of requests processed by our Smart Outreach team are completely automated. Smart Outreach is powered by a growing HR database that includes fax numbers and appropriate HR email addresses for hundreds of thousands of employers.

Step Two

Hands-on Support

When an outreach request cannot be automated (i.e. the employer doesn’t respond), a member of our specialist team personally handles the request through to completion. Once completed, our HR database is updated with the appropriate contact information, ensuring faster verifications for every employer.

Step Three

Verification complete

Users receive an email as well as an update in their Truework dashboard after each request has been completed. On average, our Smart Outreach team completes manual verifications 48 hours faster than in-house teams.

Other Solutions

Never chase down a verification again


Our Instant product gives verifiers immediate access to 35 million employees (and growing)


Credentials lets users verify 1099 contractors and other hard-to-verify workers (like government agency employees) without requesting paystubs or tax returns.

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