Screen New Tenants with Cost-Effective Employment Verifications

We provide landlords and property managers faster access to employment data for any U.S. employee. Increase confidence in new tenants and improve the application experience with Truework.

Tenent Screening

Comprehensive Coverage

Access Employment Data for Any U.S. Employee

Truework is the second-largest network for instant verifications, with over 35 million instant records. Over 7 million instant employee records are exclusive to the Truework network and instant requests are completed within seconds.

With our multi-channel approach (Instant, Credentials and Smart Outreach), landlords and property managers can verify any U.S. employee through Truework.

Accelerate New Tenant Applications

Half of all requests submitted through Truework are completed within 24 hours and 75% are completed within 72 hours.

We provide the most up-to-date employment data for any applicant.

Reduce the Cost of Verified Employment Data

Truework unlocks the power of tenant-credentialed data to lower the cost of verifications to a few dollars per request.

Using our Credentials tool, tenants can submit source-of-truth income and employment data directly from their payroll provider.

How it Works

The Only All-In-One Verification Platform

Incorporating employment data into tenant screening mitigates rental risk. Our technologies (Instant, Credentials, Manual) maximize employee coverage and minimize turnaround time for every request. This waterfall approach ensures landlords and property managers can verify any U.S. employee as fast as possible.

Sign tenants faster by verifying employment for any U.S. employee through Truework.

Instant Data

The first approach in the Truework waterfall is access to our instant database of over 35 million employee records.

When all the proper documentation is provided upfront, instant requests are completed in seconds.


Our Credentials tool accelerates verifications for any employee outside our instant network. With Credentials, tenants can submit verified payroll data directly from their payroll provider.

We integrate with over 150 payroll providers, allowing tenants to share up-to-date employment data in minutes.

Smart Outreach

Our Smart Outreach team serves as a final catch-all in the Truework waterfall, allowing landlords and property managers to verify employment and income for contractor, small business and other hard-to-verify borrowers.

Our U.S. based team specializes in manual verifications, with access to every third party verification provider. This final catch-all in the Truework waterfall ensures you never have to chase down HR teams again to complete a verification.

Getting Started

Verify Employment Data for Any U.S. Employee

Our easy-to-use web application lets you verify employment in minutes.