Pre-approvals backed by verified income

Convert more applicants while underwriting with greater confidence. Modern lenders use verified income at the pre-approval stage to offer loan terms faster and deliver a better user experience.

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How it works

Verified from the start

If the applicant is part of the Truework Instant network, verified income and employment data is returned.

  • Offer lower or guaranteed rates earlier in the application

  • Information can be pre-populated for a better user experience


Confident pre-approvals

More accurate underwriting enables more competitive loan terms.

Increased conversions

Win more customers with instant loan terms.

Reduced friction

Auto-populate income and employment details for your applicants.

Case Study

Better expands partnership with Truework to launch industry-first pre-approval product with Day 1 Certified income data

  • 2x faster processing time for manual verifications

  • Reduced interval between pre-approval and rate lock

  • Expected 60% reduction in cost per lock

  • 5% expected increase in conversion

Verification your way

One platform, many methods

  • Truework combines multiple verifications methods to maximize speed and coverage

  • Instant reports, user-permissioned payroll data, and even manual outreach are all available individually or as a waterfall

  • Learn more how Truework is used in your industry:

Accuracy & security

A trusted source

Truework is an authorized report supplier for Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service, a component of Day 1 Certainty®, and operates as a Credit Reporting Agency. We provide verifiers the most accurate information while allowing consumers to easily request changes to their reports if discrepancies are found.

Get Started

Easily integrate verifications into your loan workflow with our implementation guides and documentation, or speak to our team directly.