Instant access to verified payroll data

Our Instant product gives verifiers immediate access to income and employment data for over 35 million employees (and growing). When the proper documentation is provided upfront, Instant requests are completed in seconds.

Powered by our API partnership network

We are technically integrated with dozens of the biggest payroll providers to process fast verifications while maintaining consumer privacy and consent. Lenders, staffing companies and more use Truework to accelerate the application experience with easier access to more instant data.

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The first and fastest solution in Truework’s waterfall

Instant data is key improving the applicant experience and increasing application conversion. Through strategic partnerships with payroll providers and direct relationships with hundreds of employers, our instant network is growing everyday.

  • Immediate access to 35 million employees

  • Over 2 million exclusively on Truework

Never worry about data quality again

Direct data from payroll providers

Truework’s instant data network is powered by API connections to dozens of payroll providers, representing over 35 million employees.

Exclusive data only on Truework

Truework is the exclusive verification provider for over 100,000 businsses ranging from SMB to Enterprise.

HR Partnerships

We partner with HR departments to automate employment and income verifications, giving verifiers access to even more instant data.

How it works

Step One

Verification submitted

Whether through our web application, API or Encompass integration, the first step to an instant verification is providing the appropriate employee information and authorization. The more information we receive, the faster we are able to complete each request.

Step Two

Access Instant Data

Within seconds of a submission, we automatically reference our instant data network of over 35 million employees, providing up to three years of employment and income data immediately.

Step Three

Verification complete

Requests are completed in seconds when the employee is in our instant data network and the proper documentation is provided. The information is then added to the Fannie Mae 1005-compliant report and viewable on the Truework dashboard (or directly on Encompass®)

Other Solutions

Never chase down a verification again


Credentials lets users verify 1099 contractors and other hard-to-verify workers (like government agency employees) without requesting paystubs or tax returns.

Smart Outreach

Our dedicated Smart Outreach team processes manual verifications for hard-to-reach employers 48 hours faster than average thanks to automated HR requests.

Get started

Ready to get more done with Truework?

Truework API

The Truework API enables frictionless verifications with easy integrations into your tech stack. Get started in minutes.

Truework Enterprise

Benefit from volume-based discounts, dedicated support, and custom integrations. Ensure nothing gets in the way of your team completing verifications quickly and efficiently.