Get more insight into applicant income

Better manage risk and make more precise lending decisions with new analytics that give more detail about an applicant’s ability to pay

How it works

Income Analytics provides a set of calculated data points derived from Truework verified income data to help lenders more easily understand trends in applicant income.

Projected Income

  • Forecast an applicant’s income to better understand potential performance and health.

  • Represented as the expected gross earnings of an individual over the 12 months following the month of the last verification.

Income Stability

  • Understand the variability in monthly income as an indicator of ability to repay.

  • Represented as the coefficient of variation that shows the extent of variability in an applicant’s monthly income for the last 12 months.


More competitive terms

Give a more favorable rate with insight into future income and income stability.

Automate exceptions

More confidently approve exceptions to initial down payments or missed payments in servicing.

Get started quickly

Easily incorporate new insights into your existing processes, without internal data science resources.

Get started

Both Projected Income and Income Stability are available via API as an add-on to the Truework Pre-approval, Instant, and Credentials verification methods.

Check out the documentation, or speak to our team directly.