Automate income document review

Save time and eliminate errors with income documents automatically converted into structured data. More easily catch potential fraud with a flag for suspicious documents.


Save time and money

Speed up the loan cycle and allow staff to focus on higher-value work by reducing manual data entry.

Reduce risk of fraud

Fraudulent or altered documents will be flagged for further review.

Combine multiple methods

Offer applicants the ability to upload documents or log in to their payroll provider, whichever they prefer.

How it works

Verify proof of income documents

If a user cannot be verified as part of Truework Instant or Truework Credentials, Truework Documents parses an applicant's income documents into data for use in automated income calculations.

Documents can be implemented as a fallback to Credentials or standalone.

Step 1

Integrate the module directly into the application with Truework.js or use your existing UI and integrate via API to post documents

Step 2

Applicant can upload their paystubs

Step 3

Within minutes, paystubs are parsed using OCR and reviewed for potential fraud

Step 4

Data is returned in a standard format, alongside a fraud assessment and the original document

Verification your way

One platform, many methods

  • Truework combines multiple verifications methods to maximize speed and coverage

  • Instant reports, user-permissioned payroll data, and even manual outreach are all available individually or as a waterfall

  • Learn more how Truework is used in your industry:

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