Faster access to verified payroll data

Our Credentials product lets applicants share employment and income information directly from their payroll provider, giving verifiers faster access to source-of-truth data.

Verify employment & income for gig economy workers

Credentials gives you the power to verify 1099 contractors and other non-W2 workers without requesting paystubs or tax returns.

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Accelerate verifications for employees outside Truework’s instant network

Our Credentials product gives verifiers a streamlined verification solution whenever employee data is outside our instant network of 35 million employees.

  • Credentials lets applicants log in to their payroll account

  • Verified data is shared through an encrypted network of connected payroll APIs

How it works

Step One

Applicant is notified

When the Credentials product is activated, applicants are notified that their information is being requested as a part of the verification process.

Step Two

Connecting payroll

After confirming authorization, the employee is able to directly log in to their payroll provider with their own set of credentials.

Step Three

Verification complete

Employment and income data is sent directly from the employee’s payroll provider to Truework. If nothing is missing, the information is added to the Fannie Mae 1005-compliant report and viewable on the Truework dashboard.

Other Solutions

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