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Navigating the complex requirements of medical staffing is complicated enough. Do not let verifying employment slow it down.

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The Problem

The healthcare system suffers from chronic understaffing. Not helping matters, the credentialing requirements needed to place nurses and other medical professionals are difficult to navigate. Manually verifying upwards of a dozen employments just to place one nurse is neither cost-effective nor timely. In the worst cases, it can delay placing a much-needed nurse on-site by up to two weeks.

The Solution

Truework specializes in employment verifications, delivering the information you need, when you need it. Let us help you fill placements faster. On average, we can verify an entire nurse’s work history in under 24 hours.

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Verify all required past placements in under 24 hours.


Save hundreds of manual hours wasted verifying employment.

How It Works

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Truework for
Medical Staffing

We work with some of the largest medical staffing companies, and have deep expertise in verifying medical employment.

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  • Automate sharing information with other health organizations securely.
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  • Unblock employment verifications to speed up placement times.
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  • Over 30,000 verifiers rely on Truework to deliver the fastest employment verifications for critical positions.
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  • We helped thousands of verifiers provide on time reports to ensure prompt job starts and happy customers.
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