Automate employment verifications

Truework partners with employers using Rippling to give millions of employees more control over how their sensitive payroll data is shared.

Employers save time with Truework by eliminating the phone calls, emails and faxes typically required to complete verifications.

Employees on Rippling

Truework helps employees get approved faster for home, car and other loans by securely sharing income and employment information with authorized third parties.

Faster transactions with unprecedented transparency

  • Employees are notified every time a verifier (e.g. lender or landlord) requests sensitive information

  • Truework shares employee information only after the employee has given consent and the verifier has provided proper authorization

Accelerate the approval process

Employees can update their Rippling settings to accelerate transactions requiring income or employment verification:

  1. Go to your Rippling App
  2. Update your settings to Instantly approve employment and income verification requests
  3. Get approved faster for your next big transaction while maintaining control over your personal data

Save time when it matters most

Employers on Rippling

Employers save even more time by encouraging employees to send lenders, landlords or other verifiers to Truework whenever verified income or employment information is needed to complete a transaction.

Share Accurate Data with Confidence

The income and employment data we provide during life-changing transactions helps employees build credit throughout their lives, from obtaining consumer credit for the first time to purchasing a home. It is critical that sensitive information be provided and used by all parties in a compliant manner to ensure trust and safety.

Truework is a certified credit reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which promotes the accuracy, transparency, and security of consumer information used during credit decisions.

Every verification is provided only with requisite authorization from legitimate parties.

All verifications are processed under the highest regulatory standards possible.

Completed verifications are accurate, secure and transparent for all parties involved.

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