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Truework is a platform for HR teams that automatically responds to employment and income verification requests. Truework helps lenders, background check companies, and property managers get authorized access to an employees’ information during the application process.

You can get started by adding the Truework app to your HR/payroll system. When you get a request from a lender, background check company or other third party (a “requester”), forward them to Truework and we handle it from there. To check the status of all requests and see what information has been shared with whom, login to your dashboard at app.truework.com/login.

If your employer uses Truework, you can use Truework to easily verify your employment and income information when applying to loans, jobs, and apartment rentals. During the background check process for these applications, you will receive an email from Truework to review the information that will be shared, and request changes from HR if any information is out of date. In addition, you can use our self service tool to request a letter of employment by going to www.truework.com/[your company].

If you’re a lender, background check company or other third party (a “requester”), you can get started by clicking “Verify an Employee” at the top of the page. If the applicant works at a company on the Truework network, we will confirm the request with the applicant and then share the verified information with you.

Forward the email to [your company]@truework.com. A representative will handle and respond to the request.

Instruct the requester to call (844) 403-7966 or go to www.truework.com to complete their request.

Requests are usually processed within 24 hours. In the instance that an employee is slow to confirm a request, it may take longer. If you are having trouble with a current request, please contact us at support@truework.com.

Please reach out to support@truework.com, we'll get back to you soon!

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