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Truework Instant and Smart Outreach using the Truework API


Truework Instant will give you back results in seconds for over 35 million employees on our network. Today, Truework has the second largest network available for instant income and employment verifications, and it’s continuously growing. In addition, if Truework can’t return results instantly, you can still verify any employee in the U.S. using Truework Smart Outreach, which leverages our intelligent routing system to ensure the fastest turnaround times possible.

By using Truework Instant and Truework Smart Outreach in concert not only are you leveraging the second largest network of immediate results to power your flows, you are also expanding your coverage to all U.S. employees.

Why should I choose this product?#

  • You want the best of both worlds: instant coverage and high completion rates
  • You have a flexible workflow that ranges in time sensitivity at different points

Which use cases are this product best suited for?#

  • Mortgage
  • Background checks
  • Staffing
  • High value loans
  • Property management

How to Implement#

Implementing this workflow is quick and easy, and uses the Truework API. Prior to getting started, make sure you have created a Truework Account, and created an API key for the Truework Sandbox.

The implementation of this workflow will require two API calls to Truework: one to initiate the Instant verification, and a second to initiate the Smart Outreach verification.

  1. First, you'll need to create an Instant verification. This should occur early in your workflow, ideally in the beginning stages of an application, in order to facilitate the least amount of friction and drop-off. Instant may be implemented prior to collecting any information about the Employer/Company.
  2. Next, you should listen for a webhook related to the newly created verification. If a completed webhook is received, you're done! However, if a canceled webhook is received, that indicates that the requested employee was not found on Truework's Instant network. In this case, you should continue on to the next step: creating a Smart Outreach request.

Today, Truework's Instant network covers about 30% of all U.S. Employees, and is constantly growing.


Don’t forget to specify the use case for the verification at each point in your workflow

  1. Lastly, you'll need to create a verification using Truework Smart Outreach. To do so, simply recreate the verification from step 1, but this time pass an Employer name or id via the request, and our intelligent routing system will do the rest of the heavy lifting. 90% of verifications sent to our Smart Outreach product get completed within three days or less, and 50% get completed within a day. Listen for webhooks to get notified when your verification is completed.

To use Truework Instant, Employer ( should be omitted from the request. To use Truework Smart Outreach, an Employer name or id should be included in the request.


Use Truework’s Companies endpoint to power a company/employer search experience within your application, and pass the id of the selected company to Truework instead of the name. Doing this can speed up the processing of verification requests made using Smart Outreach.

The best way to test out both our Instant and Smart Outreach Product is through the Truework Sandbox.


For information on Instant request webhooks, see the Truework Instant guide.

Webhooks are generated when requests transition between different states. Smart Outreach requests may generate one of four webhooks, corresponding to the three possible terminal states, and the processing state:

  • processing (verification is currently being worked on)
  • action-required (verification requires additional information to continue processing)
  • completed (verification was successfully completed)
  • canceled (verification was unable to be completed)

Smart Outreach requests can go through the following state transition flows:

  • processing to completed
  • processing to canceled
  • processing to action-required, then to completed or canceled

Terminal States#

For information on Instant request terminal states, see the Truework Instant guide.

Within the Smart Outreach workflow, there are three terminal states that may occur: completed, canceled, or action-required.

In the case of action-required, you may choose to provide Truework with the additional information needed via the dashboard, or handle it as a terminal state. Action required states don’t occur often, but when they do it’s due to a need for additional information regarding the Employer, such as franchise or branch location.

Reach out to to see how you can reduce the number of verifications that land in action-required and best optimize your workflow.


Now you’re ready to use Truework Instant and Truework Smart Outreach in concert to power your workflows. Head over to the Truework Sandbox and with these tips, you should be able to get up and running in no time.

If any questions arise, or you need support in getting set up, email and a Trueworker will be glad to assist.

When you are ready to move to production, please contact to request production access.