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Truework Instant using the Truework API


Truework Instant will give you back results in seconds for over 35 million employees on our instant network. Today, Truework has the second largest network available for instant income and employment verifications, and it’s continuously growing.

Why should I choose this product?#

  • You want results instantly
  • You want the best price available
  • You want to power your workflow with the least amount of friction for your applicant
  • You want to take advantage of Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty

Which use cases are this product best suited for?#

  • Pre-approvals
  • Auto-lending
  • Student loan refinancing
  • Credit card applications
  • Other price or time sensitive applications

How to Implement#

Implementing this workflow is quick and easy, and uses the Truework API. Prior to getting started, make sure you have created a Truework Account, and created an API key for the Truework Sandbox.

  1. First, you'll need to create a verification. When creating the request, do not send a value for the field: this omission will trigger the Instant workflow. At a minimum you must pass all the required fields, but you may optionally include additional metadata for your own usage. If you wish to have more control over how the request is executed, you may additionally use the requst_parameters field to enable the Instant verification method, and use other available parameters to tune the results.

  2. Second, you must obtain the results of the request. There are two ways in which results can be obtained:

    • Listen for a webhook indicating that the request has reached a completed state, and then retrieve the reports by getting the request.
    • Use the Request-Sync header while creating the request to specify a synchronous execution strategy, and then get the reports from the response body. If you choose this approach, you will be unable to use data from our exclusive partnership with Gusto, due to the asynchronous consumer authorization step.

Truework Instant may return multiple reports for a single request if there are multiple matches on our network.

The best way to test out Truework Instant is through the Truework Sandbox.


Webhooks are generated when requests transition between different states. Instant requests will generate at least one webhook, corresponding to one of the two possible terminal states:

  • completed (there was a match on our instant network, and results are ready)
  • canceled (there was no match on our instant network)

Terminal States#

Within the Instant workflow, there are two terminal states that may occur: completed or canceled.

If the request is completed, that means it has hit one or more matches on our instant network, and reports are ready to be retrieved.

If the request is canceled, that means it has not turned up any matches on our instant network. In this case you may choose to move to Truework Credentials or Truework Smart Outreach to complete the verification. Please note, both of these products will require you to provide an employer to Truework.

Consumer Authorization#

A portion of our instantly available data is provided through an exclusive partnership with Gusto, with whom we've worked to provide a unique, privacy-centric data sharing experience to consumers.

If there is a match on the Gusto-powered portion of the Truework network against your request, Truework will reach out to the consumer to obtain authorization to share their data. During this interaction the request will remain in a processing state. Once the consumer authorizes the request, the completed report can be retrieved. Requests that do not turn up a match anywhere on the Truework network will be canceled immediately: if a request is not immediately completed or canceled then it has entered the consumer authorization flow.

On average, consumers authorize requests within 24 hours.

If this consumer outreach step is not a good fit for your use case, it can be toggled off by omitting the Gusto-powered portion of the Truework network from the search. The decision to toggle this on or off will be made when your production access is granted.

Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty#

Every report returned from the Truework Instant network is Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty (D1C) eligible. We will include a du_reference_id on eligible Reports. If you are interested in taking advantage of D1C, submit the du_reference_id to Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter system to get rep and warrant relief.


Now you’re ready to use Truework Instant to power your workflows. Head over to the Truework Sandbox: with these tips you should be able to get up and running in less than a day.

If any questions arise, or you need support in getting set up, email and a Trueworker will be glad to assist.

When you are ready to move to production, please contact to request production access.