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Truework Concepts in 5 Minutes

Truework works with a few key concepts that will be used throughout the documentation.


A verification is a request to verify employment or income for an employee. They come in several flavors:

Verification of Employment (VOE)#

A verification of employment is used to verify where an employee's length of employment, job status, and position at a given employer.

Verification of Income (VOI)#

A verification of income includes all the data that is included in a VOE, but it also can be used to verify an employee's salary and historical earnings for the past three years.

Reverification of Employment (ROE)#

A reverification of employment includes the ability to reverify all employment details from an already completed request within a 90 day timeframe at a lower price.


A target is the employee whose employment or income data is being verified.


A company is where the target being verified claims to work. Truework offers options for verifying a target for a specific company, as well as for providing a subset of available data for a target without specifying a company.


A verifier is the party requesting the verification (that's you)!


A strategy is how Truework fulfills a verification. There are several strategies that, when used together, can verify any employee. An overview of available strategies (Instant, Credentials, Smart Outreach) can be found on our homepage.


A waterfall is a combination of several strategies in a hierarchy. If a preferred strategy fails to complete a verification, the waterfall will fall back to the next strategy until the verification is completed. The default waterfall used when you request a verification through Truework is Instant -> Credentials -> Smart Outreach. The waterfall can be configured to omit certain strategies if needed for your use-case.