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Truework makes it easy to verify income and employment for any US employee.

There are several ways to use Truework:

First Steps#

New to Truework? Get started by creating an account.

Truework 101#

To get familiar with the terminology used in the documentation, check out Truework Concepts in 5 Minutes.

Getting Started with the Truework Dashboard#

To start creating verification requests right away, select "Start a New Request" from the Truework Dashboard, or navigate straight to the new request page.

Getting Started with the API#

To start requesting verifications through our API, see Making Your First API Request.

To use our Postman collection, see Postman Collection

Getting Started with Truework.js#

To learn how to add Truework.js to your frontend, see Verify customers directly from your application using Truework Credentials and Truework.js