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Supporting Employees During COVID-19 with Custom Letters

Discover how Truework’s Custom Letter Creator makes it easy to generate important employee communications during the COVID-19 crisis.

Sanjana Roy Magee
April 29, 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, employers have had to move quickly in order to address unprecedented change overnight. While HR teams in particular have had to meet new challenges each day, they have demonstrated true flexibility and innovation as they adapt existing tools to meet unexpected demands.

We are proud to see that our customers have been leveraging Truework’s Custom Letter Creator to address a number of previously unforeseen needs. In fact, with Truework, HR teams have been able to assist their employees in their most pressing times, by creating new letter templates that employees can access and generate for themselves.

Our customers directly inform the direction of Truework’s product, and the new letter types that they are building have inspired our team to launch an exciting enhancement: custom variables. In this post, we want to highlight just how our customers have been building out new templates and making use of our new custom variable feature. Our Top 4 Use-Cases for COVID-19 Letters are:

  • Letters for Essential Workers
  • Letters to support furloughed employees
  • Letters to supports employees facing salary reductions
  • Letters to support inactive employees

To learn more about building a custom letter, visit this article: Building a New Letter Template. To train employees to generate their own letters, visit this article: One-Pager for Employees.

Custom Letter for Essential Workers:

Given the shelter-in-place ordinances that have been issued across the United States, essential workers are mindful of the possibility that they may be stopped by local authorities while commuting.

To assure their employees, many Truework customers have created letters for essential workers across a range of industries including healthcare, food services, and banking. While we’ve seen a number of variations, most include the following content and variables:

Custom Letter for Essential Workers

To make it clear that this letter has been authorized by your company, insert a branded letterhead and provide a return email address for letter recipients.

Employees can generate this letter on-the-go by going to, where they will be prompted to submit their email address and/or mobile phone number. We recommend letting them know that they can access this letter from their phone, on an as-needed basis.

Custom Letter for Furloughed Employees

In this scenario, many of our customers are either using a "custom variable" to enter the “furlough effective start date”, or hard coding it in. Some are opting to make it public to employees, and others are choosing to keep it in the dashboard and email directly to the employee.

Here is an example:

Custom Letter for Furloughed Workers

Some examples of the custom variables our customers have created for this use-case include:

Custom variables

Custom Letter for Terminated Employees

As the impact of the COVID-19 crisis makes its way into the economy, HR teams have been faced with the challenging and emotional burden of handling layoffs. While this is the hardest responsibility employers are likely to encounter, HR teams are in a position to continue to support inactive employees and help ease the transition.

A simple but effective way to help inactive employees qualify for certain benefits is to make letters of employment self-service using Truework’s custom letter feature. When building this letter, you can opt to make it view-only for active or inactive employees:

Create Template for Past Employees

Much like the Essential Worker Letter Template above, we also recommend that you allow former employees to generate these letters for themselves:

Allow Employees to Generate Letters

Many companies opt to name this letter: “Terminated due to COVID”, and explicitly write that in the letter itself.

Templates List

Custom Letters for Salary Reductions

Companies who have needed to create a letter detailing an employee’s salary reduction as a result of the COVID-19 crisis have benefitted from Truework’s custom letter feature to provide efficient support to their employees.

Let’s imagine that your Sales Executives will not be earning commission this quarter because of a dip in their industry as a whole. As an employer, you can help set this expectation for any lenders with whom the employee is completing a transaction. Such a letter may look something like this:

Custom Letters for Salary Reductions

Other companies have utilized custom variables to outline specific details of an employee’s salary decrease, as a direct result of COVID-19:

Utilizing custom variables

These are just a few examples of the many use cases for customizable letters. If you have any other suggestions, contact your Customer Success Manager and let us know!

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